PGI specializes in precision part processing be it CNC OD/ID grinding, Centerless grinding, Honing, Swiss turning and conventional CNC Milling and Turn processing. Steels, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze and Plastic materials are the most commonly worked part components. Parts typically range in size from 1/16 to 5 inch in diameter with lengths up to 32 inch long. Note that part size and capabilities are dependent on the type of part processing you are seeking.

Kellenberg and Toyoda grinders provides state of the art grinding services. Pump and motor shafts, between center or collet work be it multiple diameter, seat angles or form work are common parts processed

Cincinnati centerless grinders provide precision part processing on various hydraulic and pneumatic or like kind round and cylindrical parts.

Sunnen equipment is utilized for ID honing including match fit honed hydraulic assemblies and diamond lapping to exact tolerances.

Citizen Swiss Turn machines allow for the most demanding challenges in multi axis manufacturing for make complete machined parts.

Doosan and Okuma round out our CNC Milling and Turning machining capabilities