Swiss Turning

Our Citizen Swiss machines offer up to 7 axis machining and are equipped with magazine bar loaders. Fast, efficient and extremely accurate parts can be manufactured to the closest of tolerances. Order quantities can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of parts from a simple bushing or pin to the very complex parts all done on one machine in a single cycle.

When compared to traditional machining methods of multiple operations and part handling the advantages are obvious. With a sub spindle that works simultaneously or independent of the main spindle and the ability to cross drill or tap, live mill intricate part features these fully automatic machines deliver the highest quality all completed within a single cycle. Max stock size is 20mm.

Citizen Swiss Turning

  • 2 – Citizen A220VII (Up to 20mm Round Bar Capacity)
  • 1 – Citizen L20EIX (Up to 20mm Round Bar Capacity)
  • 1 – Citizen A320 (Up to 13/16″ Round Bar Capacity)
  • 1 – Citizen L20E-ZMIO (Up to 20mm Round Bart Capacity )